crtdll: Declare some variables static

Andrew Talbot Andrew.Talbot at
Wed Jan 3 11:25:53 CST 2007

Robert Shearman wrote:

> However, it had an implicit "... but they are exported from this DLL."

Right. My brain has just caught up with you.

As you can see, I'm trawling through the dlls looking for anything I can
legitimately take out of the global namespace. I am trying to be as careful
as I can, and am unlikely to make the same mistake twice. But I ask people
to be patient with me if I stumble a bit.

I thought this patch might be questionable, but it just seemed easier to
publish it and have it rejected than to discuss it on wine-devel in

I'm definitely going to be more wary of functions that appear in spec files,
from now on.

Thanks to you and Marcus for your help.

-- Andy.

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