appdb rating inflation

Dan Kegel dank at
Wed Jan 3 18:14:35 CST 2007

Alexander Sørnes wrote:
>> Also, I am dismayed that some people think cracks are
>> OK.  They're illegal, last time I checked, and I don't
>> think winehq should advocate their use.
>They might be illegal in the US, but that doesn't mean they are illegal in
>other countries.

Nevertheless, they are illegal in some countries, and
any hint of Wine encouraging software piracy will
taint our reputation and make it hard to attract serious

>> How about this:  I hear that Alexandre is going to
>> be working on implementing copy protection soon.
>> Once he has that implemented for at least one
>> popular application, how about we revisit the appdb
>> ratings question?
>Copy protection is already implemented for some games.  When it works for all
>games, we won't have to link to cracks. :)

OK, if you didn't like my original proposal, how about this one:
let's not link to any cracks at all from appdb, since they
are illegal in some countries and encourage software piracy.
Like my original proposal better now?

Cracks aside, IMHO any app that requires extreme fiddling doesn't
deserve even a gold rating; gold and above should be reserved for
"even my grandma (or retarded little brother) could install and use it".
- Dan

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