appdb rating inflation

Tony Lambregts tony.lambregts at
Wed Jan 3 20:39:12 CST 2007

Dan Kegel wrote:

First off I think that the AppDB is for users. It is meant to help them run
their programs and the rating system is meant to help people know how well that
program can be made to run

> I dislike the idea of adding even more rating levels
> (diamond, etc.); that just adds to confusion.

I have to agree with this

Platinum  already _is_ "works flawless out of the box" no changes to anything.
> Also, I am dismayed that some people think cracks are
> OK.  They're illegal, last time I checked, and I don't
> think winehq should advocate their use.

No-CD cracks are not in themselves illegal. Using them can only be illegal if
you use them to use a program that do not have the right to run.

Gold is for programs that _can_ be made to run _flawlessly_ but require a how-to
(If that is changing winecfg to override dlls or use a no-cd crack then I am OK
 with that)

Silver is for programs that work but are flawed in some minor respect.

Bronze is for program can be used but have serious flaws.

> How about this:  I hear that Alexandre is going to
> be working on implementing copy protection soon.
> Once he has that implemented for at least one
> popular application, how about we revisit the appdb
> ratings question?
It won't change things much except that some programs will be elevated from gold
to platinum.


Tony Lambregts.

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