Winelib over Solaris/SPARC

Mike McCormack mike at
Thu Jan 4 19:03:44 CST 2007

Keyur Pujara wrote:

> I am contemplating to port a complex windows
> application using winelib over Solaris/SPARC. In one
> of the emails in wine-devel list, I saw that there may
> be following issues in the process:
>  * byte endianness
>  * alignment issues
>  * pointer size
>  * must not use x86 assembly
> Could someone kindly advise on whether above issues
> *exists* in current version of wine? How do I identify
> and resolve them?

There's likely to be quite a few issues when porting to non-x86 
platform.  The best way to resolve them is to try it, then submit 
patches for any problems you find.  Some Wine code has been written with 
endianness and other portability issues in mind, but there's plenty of 
places where there'll be problems.


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