quartz help needed

Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes alex at thehandofagony.com
Sat Jan 6 09:00:43 CST 2007

Lørdag 06 januar 2007 14:36, skrev Robert Reif:
> I'm trying to get Windows Media Player 6.4 working again and am running
> into problems.  At first it was crashing while trying to read wave
> files.  I found 2 bugs that were preventing it from working: some minor
> memory corruption for questionable wave files and using a pointer before
> it was initialized.  With these fixed (patch attached) you can now play
> files once but the program gets confused at the end of the file.  There
> are a lot of fixmes and unimplemented stuff.  This program was rated
> gold at one point so I'm not sure my fixes are completely correct.  I
> have written dshow filters and programs in the past at work and it was
> an extremely frustrating experience so I would appreciate and help
> getting quarts working again.

It received the Gold rating because it worked with a lot of native dlls in 
earlier Wine versions.  I have not tested it for a long time.

Alexander N. Sørnes

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