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Sat Jan 6 14:25:47 CST 2007

Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes wrote:
> Lørdag 06 januar 2007 00:28, skrev Kari Hurtta:
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>>> Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes <alex at> writes
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>>>> Onsdag 03 januar 2007 21:46, skrev Kari Hurtta:
>>>>> "Chris Morgan" <chmorgan at> writes in
>>>>>> On 03 Jan 2007 16:34:21 +0200, Kari Hurtta
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>>>> wrote:
>>>>>   platinium list's first item should point
>>>>> to that test instead.
>>>>> Perhaps    appdb should check that   "Installs?" and "Runs?"   column
>>>>> on particular test have "Yes", before it accept "Platinum" to
>>>>> "Rating" column ?
>>>> For test results?  It already does that.
>>> Now seems not answer, but on that particular test
>>> there there was on Installs? -column NA (or something like that) and
>>> on Rating -column  Platinum.
>> Look test results for
>> There is N/A on Installs? -column
> Yes, because the test results handler does not know whether this application 
> has an installer.  Unless this information is stored along with the version, 
> we cannot prohibit the use of Installs? N/A.

We could have that I suppose. Then we have the issue of filling in the field
with the correct value. That would be a monstrous janitorial job with over 5000
versions to look over.

We could lessen the job if we applied some smart logic to it. If we looked at
the existing test results and set "Has Installer" to "YES" if all the test
results had a Yes or No in them and Set "Has Installer" to "No" if all the test
results had N/A.

Even so what do we do about all the applications that have no test results.

Anyway this could be phased in if it is really going to be helpful.


Tony Lambregts

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