Time for wine-mono or wine-dotnet11 component in Bugzilla?

Olaf Leidinger leidola at newcon.de
Sun Jan 7 17:21:05 CST 2007

On Sun, 7 Jan 2007 09:16:31 -0800
"Dan Kegel" <dank at kegel.com> wrote:

> Olaf wrote:
> >> Hrm.  Seems to me mono is going to become an
> >> important part of wine pretty soon, if it lets us run
> >> .net applications.
> >
> >What would have to be done to make MS .net work with wine?
> >I think MS .Net might be better a better choice--  when
> >thinking of compatibility -- especially in connection with the latest
> VisualStudio.
> I think it's been poked at a bit, and ought to be doable.
> It's probably a month or so's concentrated work by
> some wine developer.   I'd like to see it happen, but
> it's always risky to get hooked on MS code that could
> be withdrawn or made incompatible with Wine; better
> to spend the effort getting the Mono route working first,
> especially since it looks like that's really close.
> If you want to try it, here's a shell script that installs
> mono and sets up the registry keys needed for Wine to use it
> for .net programs:
>   http://kegel.com/wine/fakedotnet.sh
> - Dan

Hmmm... gtk-sharp demos seem to work -- but since gtk switched to cairo
fonts are wrong(*) in gtk apps which run in wine. Some time ago I could
run gimp in wine (well, it needed the paths to be set correctly and the
exe-plug-ins being removed). This was with gtk-2.6 (without cairo) and
the fonts where okay. 

I also wrote a small scalar-product-benchmark which was similar slow
compared to "native" mono. ;-)

Ciao, Olaf

(*): They are to big. I think I should post a bug report... maybe
tomorrow - 

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