Stub for GetRawInputDeviceList

L. Rahyen research at
Mon Jan 8 09:29:13 CST 2007

Monday January 8 2007 14:35、Michał Majchrowicz さんは書きました:
(from the attached file)
> A modification of patch found on wine mailing list It checks whether

	Also, for more information you can mention my name if you wish as initial 
author of this patch.
	I know that my patch was silently rejected long time ago - I didn't asked why 
because I was too busy for some time and... my little patch was simply lost 
because of this (I wasn't very active because my patch is very small and 
simple). But some time ago I have received a message from unofficial 
wine-wiki that it "has a quote based upon your October mailing list post" 
(actually the patch).

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