Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at kievinfo.com
Mon Jan 8 23:26:48 CST 2007

Michał Majchrowicz wrote:
> Hi. I am trying to write functions for RawInput in wine.
> If understand correctly GetRawInputDeviceList function gives us
> an array of rawinputdevice's registered with function
> RegisterRawInputDevices.
> So implementing it would be just geting and setting data in array.
> But I have two question:
> 1) Where should i put this array? In which file?
dlls/user32/input.c seems appropriate.

> 2) How can I get data to fill the begining of the array (according
> to my tests when Windows has only mouse and keyboard connected there are
> 4 input devices)
> Regards Michael.
That would probably depend on implementation. I'm not sure how you want
to get that data. Also don't forget that you will have to "kill" or the
"legacy" messages for specified window. That might be a problem with the
rest of the Wine.

One more thing, according to msdn this is available only in winxp+. So
the program that depends on this, won't work on win2k and bellow.


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