Humus Water demo vs FBOs

Ivan Gyurdiev ivg231 at
Tue Jan 9 00:51:04 CST 2007

Here's a demo that breaks FBOs:
Also download:

You'll notice all the glClear calls fail [ or at least a lot of them ]. 
That's because the framebuffer is incomplete at that point - 
checkFBOstatus() should be called before glClear, as well as drawprim to 

I think the call that fails is the clear call in the drawFrame() 
function of the app - the others set a 0 depth stencil buffer 
immediately prior, while this one is probably using wined3d's initial 
depth fbo. I think the Framework sets EnableAutoDepthStencil, so that an 
fbo is created. It probably ends up being a different size from the 
color fbo, which breaks a framebuffer completeness requirement.

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