OpenGL in child windows

L. Rahyen research at
Wed Jan 10 07:00:34 CST 2007

Wednesday January 10 2007 06:27、Chris Robinson さんは書きました:
> Here's something I've been working on for about the past week. It's my
> attempt to get OpenGL to render into an X11 child window that overlays the
> Win32 window.

	Your patches works perfectly! I have tested few applications with OpenGL 
windows and everything works perfectly. For better testing I have tested all 
Windows application I have including games to make sure there is no any 
regression. Everything works great including performance (i.e. I didn't find 
any bugs and 3D performance is as good as without patches). Well done!

> With luck, they can be gotten to a point soon where they can be rewritten
> properly to get into Wine. 

	Hope so because it's very important to get this in main tree before 1.0 
release. Now with your patchs all 3D professional software (which unusable 
because of OpenGL child windows in vanilla Wine) can work perfectly under 
Wine (Lightwave for example which has multiple OpenGL child windows works 

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