GreenVille font, is it still available? I have a question about it.

Markus Amsler markus.amsler at
Fri Jan 12 15:02:02 CST 2007

Louis. Lenders wrote:
> Hi, i finally got response from Larry Snyder (aka wierd_w ),  who 
> created Greenville font. (appeared he was on holiday). Below is the 
> mail he sent me, and i talked to him on  irc about it. To summarize, 
> he's willing  to license this  LGPL, but  reading his mail it seems to 
> me this won't be a one day fix ;) What he writes further is quite a 
> bit beyond  my knowledge of fonts, so i really hope on of the wine 
> developers  who know  something about fonts could  read the mail and 
> tell what could be done, or how things should be done. Thanks in 
> advance,Louis
I neither fully understood it, but here my opinion. It looks like the 
"only" problem he has is the TrueType hinting, which affects small font 
sizes. As long as the kerning (=width of a glyph) is correct, and the 
font looks somehow similar, it should be suitable for wine's need. So it 
should be possible to convert Larry's TTF version with fontforge to SDF, 
and you're done. Adding hinting is IMO a second step.

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