GreenVille font, is it still available? I have a question about it.

Markus Amsler markus.amsler at
Sat Jan 13 02:32:56 CST 2007

Wierd_w wrote:
> Markus Amsler wrote:
>> Adding hinting is IMO a second step.
> This is incorrect. The metric EM size per point size
> is also 'Hintable' with real TrueType instructions,
> and Tahoma DOES do this. (I can tell, because I ran
> this test case just today-- Notice how the fonts start
> being pretty much identically kerned and spaced after
> about 15pt. Since wine is STUCK using Type-1 hints
> with FontForge, I built a Type-1 hinted .OTF with
> Postscript formatted outlines for the test.)
I would say, that's THE reason why to put TTF files into wines source.
Have you done the "width hinting"?

> Depending on how far you want to go, you have 3
> options as I see them:
> 1) (Best,but unlikely, due to the intense effort
> required) You fix FontForge to support TTF
> instructions natively, so that it can build a suitable
> TTF hinted font file, then scream at FreeType to
> support them more "Sanely."
> 2) Use the Type-1 font that is correct at sizes 15 and
> up, and use a bitmapped font for sizes below that and
> have WINE perform the substitution.
> 3) Adapt FontForge to inject SBIT record data
> (Basically bitmapped font data) directly into a
> generated OTF, and trump the rasterizer totally for
> these point sizes.
4) Drop SFD->TTF conversion and add a "width hinted" TTF font.

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