New list subscriber - Question about gdi:widenpath

Laurent Vromman laurent at
Sat Jan 13 08:17:47 CST 2007


I took a look this morning to gdi32 source code. I think i'll be able to 
make a priliminary working version, partially implemented.

I have already created a account to add the application in AppDB, I will 
do it as soon as possible.


Tho a écrit :
> Hi Laurent,
> if you can`t implement the functionality yourself, then you might want 
> to file a Bug in Bugzilla stating that your application depends on 
> WidenPath() and add a simple Testcase for it.
> This will (at least)  increase the chance, that the functionality gets 
> added someday :)
> Maybe it would be useful too, if you would add an entry in our AppDB 
> that decribes your App in more detail.
> Thorsten
>> Thanks for answering me.
>> Dan Kegel a écrit :
>>> Hi Laurent!
>>> You wrote:
>>>> I'm trying make a french software called Navigation, used by airplane
>>>> pilots and created using visual basic, work on linux using wine.
>>> Can you provide a URL to a page describing the software you're 
>>> trying to port?
>> The page doesn't exist in english.
>>>> The point is this software needs gdi:widenpath to work. I'd just 
>>>> like to
>>>> know if this function is planned for the next release or if I will 
>>>> have
>>>> to wait a little more.
>>> It's not planned, as far as I know.   
>> Is there a web page where anyone could follow a planning, so that i 
>> won't disturb you to much ?
>>> If your business really
>>> needs it, and you're not comfortable trying it yourself,
>>> you might consider contracting with a Wine
>>> developer to implement it.   What's your schedule?
>>> For anyone curious about WidenPath(), here are a couple links on the 
>>> subject:
>>> Thanks & good luck!
>>> - Dan
>> In fact, I don't need this software professionaly. I wrote what job 
>> I'm doing only to present myself.
>> I'll try to produce a patch if my skills allow me too and if I find 
>> enough time to do it.
>> Otherwise I'll wait and keep a look on your mailing-list.
>> Thank you for your help. I hope I'll come again with something to 
>> give you.
>> Laurent

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