New list subscriber - Question about gdi:widenpath

Dan Kegel dank06 at
Sat Jan 13 10:53:12 CST 2007

On 1/13/07, Laurent Vromman <laurent at> wrote:
> > Can you provide a URL to a page describing the software you're trying
> > to port?

Thanks.  I just tried installing it following your instructions
(I can read French, but you also have english instructions)
and ran into the following problems:
1) I had to install the VB6 runtimes before running your app.
2) Even after installing Libraries.exe, your app claimed that
dao350.exe was not installed.  Running
$ WINEDEBUG=+file ~/wine-git/wine NavigationMAJ.exe  > log 2>&1
$ grep FindFirst.*DAO350 log
trace:file:FindFirstFileExW L"C:\\Program
Files\\FouFou\\Navigation\\DAO350.DLL" 0 0x33f060 0 (nil) 0
trace:file:FindFirstFileExW L"c:\\windows\\DAO350.DLL" 0 0x33f060 0 (nil) 0
trace:file:FindFirstFileExW L"c:\\windows\\system32\\DAO350.DLL" 0
0x33f060 0 (nil) 0
shows that your app doesn't search the directory where Librarie.exe
installed DAO350.exe, namely
  Program Files/Common Files/DAO350.dll
Could you update your app to fix at least the latter part?

> >> The point is this software needs gdi:widenpath to work.
> > It's not planned, as far as I know.
> Is there a web page where anyone could follow a planning, so that i
> won't disturb you to much ?

wine-devel is it.

> I'll try to produce a patch if my skills allow me too and if I find
> enough time to do it.

- Dan

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