configure: add ncursesw detecting [try 2]

Anatoly Lyutin vostok at
Fri Jan 12 07:48:18 CST 2007

Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
> "Vitaly Lipatov" <lav at> wrote:
>> > Most likely the real fixes in your patch are changing CP_ACP to 
>> > and getting rid of hardcoded vkkeyscan_table. Do you have an 
>> evidence that
>> > ncurses is so much broken that it really can't handle UTF-8? Does 
>> it work
>> > if you change the locale to a not UTF-8 one?
>> Dmitry, as I already post in this thread, we have test program which 
>> does not print correctly ever in UTF-8 locale.
>> Usual ncurses works in 8-bit locales like koi8-r correctly, but we 
>> can't output in utf8 locale.
> Have you been able to see any cyrillic text in wineconsole with the 
> curses
> backend at all? Even after changing CP_ACP to CP_UNIXCP I don't see 
> anything.
> This is with a KOI8-R locale. We need to make this configuration work 
> first.
With This patch you will be able to see cyrillic symbols in wineconsole.

Add convertig from multibyte to widechar for correctly assignment in 
FillSimpleChar function.
Have Removed check in Refresh function : if(ch >127...), because 
cyrillic symbols has code more that 127.

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