[15/20] WineD3D: Clean up drawprim a bit

H. Verbeet hverbeet at gmail.com
Sat Jan 13 14:37:56 CST 2007

On 12/01/07, Christoph Bumiller <e0425955 at stud3.tuwien.ac.at> wrote:
> Stefan Dösinger wrote:
> > We will need software shaders for a correct implementation of
> > IWineD3DDevice::ProcessVertices. It supports Vertex shaders, but I
> > don't really think OpenGL feedback mode is what we want here.
> >
> > Maybe we should remove it for now, but keep the code somewhere(in the
> > wiki maybe). If someone is extra-ambitious we can do something like
> > Softwire/SwiftShader does. But I think ProcessVertices is a good
> > oportunity to verify our vertex shader implementation.
> >
> Sounds fun *g* ... I thought of generating Intel assembly code from the
> vertex shader bytecode on the fly, just like GLSL and ARB shaders are
> generated, using primarily SSE for doing the floating point
> computations (in situations where it brings an advantage), and directly
> referencing the memory at IWineD3DVertexShaderImpl->data,input,output
> (load constants, input data, store temporary values, store output
> data). Would something like that even be accepted in wine ?
> I'm already 'experimenting' a bit, but as I don't have much time these
> days don't count on it to be finished within the next 3 months, or
> ever, after all I might also get so desperate with it and stop working
> on it altogether ... I've never written anything similar before.
> The main reason for this mail is to know whether someone else is
> working on a solution for doing software vshaders already, and if so,
> rather invest the time in my other studies (I'm running behind there
> ...), before having two people work at the same thing.
How about something like R2VB?

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