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Scott Ritchie scott at
Sun Jan 14 14:11:19 CST 2007

On Mon, 2007-01-08 at 10:27 +0100, Torsten Hammarstedt, X-Lin AB wrote:
> Hi
> Perhaps the resason that you didn't receive a lot of feedback on the
> Wine Users Guide is that it is very well written. Nevertheless I have
> found a few details that might be better explained:
Thank you :)

> 1.2.3 Wine capabilities
> .....
> Notes
> [1]  Today VMware server is free software and you can easily manage a
> Windows system on a VMware virtual machine. However this does not
> solve the problem with having to maintain/support two differnt
> operating systems (quite time consuming...). There is also the
> commercial software 2X application server and 2X application server
> client ( with which windows applications can be run on Linux in
> single windows using Windows Terminal services. The above 2X software
> is free up to 5 server connections, for more you have to pay a license
> fee. So far it is quite beta-style but eventually it might be very
> good... Windows terminal services is available in Win XP prof, Win
> 2000 Server and Win 2003 Server (don't know about Vista).
Yeah, it got a little out of date since I wrote it (I think over a year
ago now).  I'll give it some more attention this week.

> 2.2. Getting a Wine package
> I think you should mention Ubuntu - thera are packages for Ubuntu
> avaialable on Wine download page.

There are?  I thought only I put them there, and I haven't added any to
sourceforge since we got the budgetdedicated repository up.

Newer packages are available here:

Thank you for your email, it is quite helpful to hear such comments.

Scott Ritchie

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