appdb rating inflation

Jesse Allen the3dfxdude at
Mon Jan 15 16:38:34 CST 2007

Whoever it is that is wanting to update the HOWTO for the Diablo 2
appdb please email me. I don't have my email address on there for
nothing. For whatever reason, I can't see who changes things nor does
the appdb email me on changes anymore.

Quote from new HOWTO note.
"THIS IS A DUPLICATE ENTRY. I am making this simply because lots of
the information in the original howto is either wrong, invalid or
unnecessary. This is the new HOWTO. I'm leaving the old one in place
so that the ones that wrote it can see the changes and voice anything
before I remove the old one entirely. "

I read it and you really did not change anything. But I will say that
that YES the HOWTO is mostly unnessecary. However, when I tried going
to a skeletal HOWTO, I got a bunch of odd complaints (especially on
the CD-ROM info you removed). Also note, that the HOWTO duplicates the
War3 one just because it's the same in almost every way.


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