WineD3D: ProcessVertices

Christoph Bumiller e0425955 at
Tue Jan 16 11:01:07 CST 2007

Henri Verbeet wrote:
> Well, you can't set a VBO as rendertarget directly, but you can copy
> the FBO data into a PBO, which you can bind as a VBO. That's pretty
> legitimate in OpenGL. But I was wondering how hard it would be to use
> something like that for ProcessVertices.

Well, you would get the rendered pixels' data written to the VBO then, right?

To use this for ProcessVertices one would have to have a bijective 
relation between pixel's and processed vertices; p.e. pass the 
transformed vertex coordinates in varying variables and use'em as the 
color components and have the pixels stored in the order the vertices 
are so we can tell afterwards from what vertex they originate, in 
passing the vertex index as an attribute and so generate appropriate 
vertex coords ... theoretically.

I don't think its easy or even possible to have exactly one pixel per 
vertex at sequential positions in the pixel buffer, or is it (using 
points and knowing the resolution etc.) ?

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