Using Wine headers on Mac OS X

Mike lists at
Tue Jan 16 12:22:57 CST 2007


I know this is unsupported but I am trying to use the Wine windows 
headers to port some Windows code to Mac OS X. I'm not really trying to 
use the Wine functionality - I use the headers more to define and map 
the existing Win32 defines, and datatypes to Mac OS so that I can make 
as few changes to the Windows code I am porting as possible.

My big question is: when I add the Wine headers to my project, it seems 
that every datatype in the wine headers is undefined. I noticed that 
most wine headers don't have any #includes in them.

is there some precompiled or metaheader that I should be including in 
all of the wine files in order to get the compiler to see the data types?



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