The real DLL-Hell ("sfc.dll"), created by MS

Detlef Riekenberg at
Tue Jan 16 14:00:06 CST 2007

I verify my work on winspool.drv and localspl.dll with the native
versions of "localspl.dll" in wine.

To my surprise, localspl.dll/XP needs a native "sfc_os.dll",
while localspl.dll/W2K is happy with our buildin "sfc.dll"
Please remember:
- "sfc.dll" was not present before w2k.
- The "System File Checker" API was introduced in win98
  (with a different API in "sfcdll.dll")

MS produced the ugliest case of the DLL-Hell on ther own!

Two total different DLL's with a different API, but the same name:

--- cut --

SFC.DLL (13.Nov.1998) in MS Office 2000 Prof
        (Starfighter Foundation Classes v1.0 DLL)

sfc.dll (07.Dec.1999) in Windows 2000 Prof 
        (Windows File Protection)

-- cut ---

And to make the things even worse, the "sfc.dll" from office
has the Version "1998.*"


By by ... Detlef

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