Anonymous structs/unions

Joel Parker jjk3 at
Wed Jan 17 12:54:44 CST 2007

As seen here <>,
we seem to be going through a lot of trouble to enable anonymous structs
and unions for those compilers that support it. Why do this, especially
when we need to name them anyway for those that don't?

My reason for asking is that I'm doing a casual ANSI sweep of the code,
and anonymous unions are causing problems (they're not allowed). I could
just put in a test for __STRICT_ANSI__ and disable them if found, but
that feels like gaming the system, and it's not a standard macro anyway.
The best way (other than just naming all the structs/unions) is to test
for __STDC__, but GCC includes that one even when not using -ansi mode.


Joel Parker

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