[Wine] www.winehq.com newsletter dead forever?

Kai Blin kai.blin at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 03:40:58 CST 2007

On Thursday 18 January 2007 08:26, Damjan Jovanovic wrote:
> On 1/18/07, Kai Blin <kai.blin at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I said this before (in IRC, I guess), but I think that WWN could be done
> > with a load balancing scheme. Round robin seems to be fine for that. So,
> > let's say we get 4 people to do it, then it's one issue per month and
> > person. That would be doable.
> >
> > Any takers?
> If it's one per month, I'd like to help out.
> The problem is there's about 6 months of catching up to do :-).

I'm not sure we really need to do this. It was my impression that on Wineconf 
2006, most people would prefer to have WWN again just picking up where we're 
now, oppoesed to a possible "what happened since the last WWN" issue that 
took another year to happen.

So, with Steven and you, we're three people. Edward, are you still intersted?


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