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Francois Gouget fgouget at
Fri Jan 19 04:47:38 CST 2007

I found some dead links on WineHQ. hat should we do about them? Does 
anyone want to hunt them down to see if they have simply moved 
elsewhere? There are also a bunch of dead links related to the Wine 
mailing lists. We cannot simply remove those :-(

On the Wine Press page:

 * Luhit July 1, 2006 - CrossOver Wine to join the party with BootCamp
   & Parallels

 * OSViews September 13, 2004 - ReactOS - The Open Source Windows NT

 * OSViews May 30, 2004 - SpecOpS Labs response to Wine Project

 * OrangeCrate May 20, 2004 - An Interview with Jeremy White, CodeWeavers

 * OSViews October 28, 2003 - Macromedia and Adobe Graphics Suites to 
   Run on Linux

 * ConsultingTimes October 17, 2002 - CodeWeavers/Xandros Deal: "Let the 
   Revolution Begin!"

And another one on the Fun Projects page:


And on the Winelib page there are a bunch of dead hypermail mailing list 
URLs. Unfortunately there appears to be no easy way to map them to the 
pipermail archives :-(

   + 6 more

 * Erwin Wolff

And on the Resources page:

 * WinDoc

 * X2

 * comp.fonts

 * Internet Font Archive

 * Curvesoft

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