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Jacob Alberty jacob.alberty at
Fri Jan 19 08:50:17 CST 2007

I am a delphi developer (not limited to this language, I have done several
projects in C, C#, as well as assembly but for the purposes of this email I
am a delphi developer). I am experiencing some weirdness in regards to the
richedit control in regards to database access (Specifically TDBRichEdit),
Since I am a delphi developer using wine this means I have access to A) My
programs source code, B) Delphis VCL source code (So i can view how delphi
manages the richedit control which in this case is split up among 3 files)
and C) The Wine source code. I have two questions 1) Since Delphi does not
actually implement any of richedits features, merely wraps around them I
should be in the clear to create a patch to wine to correct this
functionality correct? and 2) What method is best to watch the api
interaction going on in my application so I can see if wine is returning any
weirdness that it shouldnt (do normal windows api spy programs work under
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