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Jacob Alberty jacob.alberty at
Fri Jan 19 13:31:37 CST 2007

I'm not yet sure what the specific issue is with the richedit control yet,
Its not behaving as it should in regards to saving information to a database
in delphi (very delphi specific), So its going to take a lot of testing and
debugging to determine where the fault lies exactly (if i replace
riched20.dll with the one from the native msi installer it works fine). Just
coming up with a test case I can submit will be a feat on its own
considering how many layers I have to dig through, I have to look at my
useage of TDBRichEdit, TDBRichEdit's use of TCustomRichControl and
TCustomRichControl's use of the windows api to pin it down to any one
specific thing, hence the vague description I gave of "weirdness". All in
all considering my small program is dependant on ~50 thousand lines of
delphi code and my using wine in a production system with this program only
uncovering one small bug relating to richedit, I am quite impressed with

On 1/20/07, Matt Finnicum <mattfinn at> wrote:

> Jacob,
> If you have any specific issues with wine's richedit control, you can
> always file a bug on (and be sure to mark it as in the
> wine-richedit component). I haven't personally tried any api spy
> programs, so I can't vouch for them - but I've usually had success
> with just using the environmental variable WINEDEBUG
> ("WINEDEBUG=+richedit wine application.exe"). If you have any
> questions about how the richedit component works, feel free to ask me
> directly. When making changes, we encourage writing tests (see the
> dlls/riched20/tetsts folder) to demonstrate that the new behavior is,
> in fact, the correct behavior. Also, when you make a change make sure
> to run the tests already there to make sure you haven't caused any
> existing tests to fail.
> Thanks,
> --Matt
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