Greenville Revisited, A new look at FontForge

Markus Amsler markus.amsler at
Fri Jan 19 15:36:11 CST 2007

Wierd_w wrote:
> I am currently shooting to have a full Latin-1,
> Latin-A, and Latin-B + Greek + Cyrillic glyphset
IMO for a first version Latin-1 would be enough, so steam would be 
useable out of the box. But of course the more glyphs the better.
> Feedback would be greatly appreciated. 
Presenting the work often generates more feedback.
Could you send your current working version as TTF to wine-devel, so we 
can play around with it? If it's too big (I'm not sure what's the 
currently accepted max attachement size, but 200-300k should be fine), 
upload it to the corresponding bug [1]. If you don't wanna create a 
bugzilla acount mail it to me, so I can uplaod it.



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