regression from 0.9.28 -> 0.9.29 breaks U.S. tax program

Tom Lowe tomlowe1 at
Fri Jan 19 17:31:55 CST 2007

On Thu, 2007-01-18 at 21:14 -0800, Dan Kegel wrote:
> On 1/18/07, Tom Lowe <tomlowe1 at> wrote:
> > Using ubuntu 6.10 and wine packages from
> > edgy main
> >
> > TaxACT 2006 ( free download from ) works
> > "out-of-the-box" with 0.9.28.  Checking for program updates and
> > electronic filing "hang" with 0.9.29.
> >
> > When 0.9.29 hung up on me, I removed it and re-installed 0.9.28 and was
> > able to connect and file my tax return.
> We had the same problem with Google Earth, and Rob Shearman
> kindly provided a fix:
> Could be the same problem you hit.
> If so, it's already fixed in cvs.
> - Dan

Have not tried compiling wine myself yet, but may give it a try this
weekend to see if that solves it.  Obviously can't try e-filing again,
but if checking for updates connects ok, then that might be the fix.

Watching the modem lights, it seemed to be trying to connect several
times and just not succeeding.  In any case, will make an entry in appdb
that TaxACT works with 0.9.28 but not 0.9.29 in case anyone is looking
for tax software that works with wine.

What might be a rough time frame for 0.9.30 to be out, so I can test it
with that?  (I have an old slow machine, so that may be simpler, but I
have been meaning to look into git to see how that works. )
Tom Lowe

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