java problem with builtin msvcrt.dll (need debugging help)

Stefan Leichter Stefan.Leichter at
Sat Jan 20 06:10:47 CST 2007


i found a problem with java (1.4.2_05) and builtin msvcrt.dll. The attached 
java code exhibits the problem. It produces an exception with builtin dll. As 
difference i identified the call to 
java._Java_java_io_WinNTFileSystem_getLength, what is basicaly a wrapper 
around msvcrt._(w)stati64. I have compared the result (dumped struct _stat) 
from _stati84 running with builtin and native version of msvcrt.dll. The 
result is the same.

I tried winedbg, but i was not able to place a breakpoint neither in 
_Java_java_io_WinNTFileSystem_getLength nor msvcrt._stati64.

Can someone please tell me either 
- how to place breakpoint in this functions
- suggest anopther way how to find the problem.

The problem is independent of the emulated windows version.

Thanks for help
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