user32: Restore old WM_SIZE handler in mdi child

Peter Oberndorfer kumbayo84 at
Sun Jan 21 15:56:45 CST 2007

On Monday 08 January 2007 11:31, Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
> Hello,
this patch seems to cause
Each time a MDI child window gets a WM_SIZE the left most menu entry disapperars.
The problem is that MDI_RestoreFrameMenu is called for each WM_SIZE message,
that does not maximize the window, instead of only beeing called when window goes from maximized to normal
And MDI_RestoreFrameMenu removes the left most menu entry,
in belief is the document icon of a maximized child.

What is the reason for restoring the old code?
Does the new code break some apps?
The attached patch, which reverts a part of the revert "fixes" the problem for my test app(ollydbg)
But i guess it is totally wrong :-)
> this patch restores (almost completely) an old WM_SIZE handler in mdi child,
> including the comment /* do not change */.
> Changelog:
>     user32: Restore old WM_SIZE handler in mdi child.

Greetings Peter
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