comctl32/tests/updown failures on xp?

Lei Zhang thestig at
Sun Jan 21 17:30:05 CST 2007

On 1/19/07, Dan Kegel <dank at> wrote:
> On 1/19/07, James Hawkins <truiken at> wrote:
> > It sounds like your build environment isn't set up correctly.  The
> > easiest way to work on and compile the tests is to run
> > wine/tools/winapi/msvcmaker under cygwin in Windows.  This will create
> > several project files, one for each dll etc, and a winetest project
> > that can be opened with Visual C++ (and converted to a solution).
> Nah, I prefer bare metal commandline.  I like knowing what's going on
> under the hood.
> > No matter which method you use to compile the tests, you should have the
> > latest Windows SDK installed (not the Platform SDK, which the Windows
> > SDK is replacing).
> OK, I'll try that...
> > If you run 'make test', you shouldn't see the errors
> > (because they're wrapped by todo_wine).
> Whoops, forgot about that!  When running without 'make test',
> you have to set the environment variable WINETEST_PLATFORM=wine
> on wine for the todo_wine to work.   Thanks!
> - Dan

With Windows XP, I noticed the message sequence is different when you
have the "Windows XP" theme vs the "Windows Classic" theme.

Also, it felt as though the optional flag was not being honored. I
compared against dlls/user32/tests/msg.c and it looks like
ok_sequence_() needs the following:

@@ -279,6 +279,9 @@
+        /* silently drop winevent messages if there is no support for them */
+        else if (expected->flags & optional)
+          expected++;
         else if (todo)

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