Howdy! Newbie with keyboard patches.

Peter Seebach seebs at
Mon Jan 22 23:46:01 CST 2007

In message <009901c73ea9$578ecd00$0100a8c0 at DMITRY>, "Dmitry Timoshkov" writes:
>> I have implemented and tested a patch which is almost certainly unsuitable
>> for production, but which is very convenient to me; it is this patch I
>> enclose.  This patch replaces F13-F24 with "control-alt-F1" through
>> "control-alt-F12", and F25-F32 control-alt-shift-F1 through F8.

>If this is not how Windows handles those keys then that's obviously a
>not acceptable solution for Wine.

How windows handles them is "you run a second app that hooks keys".  Can I
run one app under Wine that intercepts and modifies key codes for another?

I guess, I'm not sure what's "obvious" about this.  I'd agree that it's obvious
that we don't want the user to have no option at all but to have this very
different behavior... However, it might make a wonderful *option* to have it,
given that the usual windows behavior for keyboards like this is "make the user
run a special application to hook key events".


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