Howdy! Newbie with keyboard patches.

Peter Seebach seebs at
Tue Jan 23 00:46:42 CST 2007

In message <015e01c73eb4$e93860d0$0100a8c0 at DMITRY>, "Dmitry Timoshkov" writes:
>Usually xmodmap is used to redefine keys behaviour in X11, no need for 3rd party

If xmodmap could do this, I'd agree.

Xmodmap can't map "F13" to "Control-F1", though, and many Windows apps can't
hack F13.  Xmodmap can only map keys to single keys; it can't change their

If you have a keyboard with extra keys, on Windows, you'd run a special app
(that probably came with the keyboard) to intercept those keys and turn them
into something else; say, mapping the F13 key to Control-F1.

If we can't run an app like that in between X and Wine, then the closest we
can come to the Windows Way is to offer people an opportunity to remap some
X keys to other keys.


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