Questions about OleLoadPictureEx and SetDIBColorTable

Laurent Vromman laurent at
Tue Jan 23 16:17:07 CST 2007


I'm still working on the freeware "Navigation" 
( which will soon be added to AppDB.

I produced a working version of WidenPath (a priliminary patch will come 

Another problem appeared in an other place (which was masked because of 
WidenPath at the beginning).

Navigation triggers a problem in SetDIBColorTable. I investigate a 
little, but I don't know enough to conclude. I need your help.

In SetDIBColorTable, this particular test failed :

/* Check if currently selected bitmap is a DIB */
        if (bitmap->color_table)

Here is the source code (in vb) in Navigation :

Set hDessin = LoadGif(LocFile)  '#* (uses LoadPicture in a StdPicture)
ShowErr SelectObject(Plans(plDessin).hdc, hDessin), "SelectObject 
ShowErr SetDIBColorTable2(Plans(plDessin).hdc, 0, 256, 
PaletteAltitude(0)), "SetDIBColorTable:#Here#"

Just before the failure, Navigation uses OleLoadPictureEx, which is 
partially implemented :
partially implemented.

I don't really know what happen, since I don't understand everything in 
those differents functions. Can anyone please help me to investigate 
more precisely to discover want happen, and try to correct something if 
necessary ?
Thank you all,


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