Patch to make X11DRV_GetAsyncKeyState work for TacOps

Martin Cracauer cracauer at
Wed Jan 24 16:15:36 CST 2007

The appended patch against the CVS version fixes one issue for me.

The game "TacOps" (a standalone 2D wargame, not to be mixed up with
the Unreal mod "Tac Ops") uses home-grown scrollbars.  They have
autorepeat, that means holding the mouse button on the "down" or "up"
icons will continue to scroll until you release the button.  Without
the appended patch Wine will never notice when you release the mouse
button.  That effectively means an application hang since you can
never do anything else anymore, as the game continue to execute "down"

To reproduce, download the demo at . Set up your
units as per the instructions (place from floating window into the
grey box).  The scrollbars in question are under artillery support and
under air support.  Clicking on the up/down icons in the scrollbars
will hang the application without the patch and will work with the
patch.  Please mail me if you want a better walkthrough.

In case the patch attachment gets stripped by the list I put a copy of
the patch here:

Martin Cracauer <cracauer at>
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