Is anyone monitoring Transgaming's changes to the LGPL files?

Gavriel State gav at
Thu Jan 25 18:38:34 CST 2007

Hi Scott,

We mostly haven't made many significant changes to the LGPL DLLs that 
we've been picking up, other than modifications to allow them to build 
within our somewhat different build environment.

One place where we have made changes recently was to the iphlpapi DLL, 
and we recently submitted a patch for that.  There have also been a 
couple of places in some of the crypto code when we've come across a 
bug, worked through it, and made a fix.  But at least twice, a patch has 
been checked into WineHQ CVS just before we posted our fix.

We'll certainly be trying to submit patches to LGPLed DLLs that we make 
changes to where we can, but if anyone is interested in helping, we're 
happy to work with them too.

Take care,

Scott Ritchie wrote:
> I don't know when it started, but Transgaming has been using LGPL chunks
> of Wine for quite some time.
> As they're required to, they've released the source for these files,
> along with whatever changes they've made.  However, they're not required
> to tell us what they did, to send us patches, or to even let us know
> they've made a change.
> What this means is that it's possible, even likely, that Transgaming has
> improved the LGPL parts of Cedega in some important way that would be
> useful to Wine as well, without us having even known about it.
> The simplest thing to do is for someone to just track the code they
> release and diff it against our own stuff, and note if anything new and
> interesting (eg an implementation of a function) comes up.  Then send in
> a patch if it seems like it could help us too.  But, is anyone doing
> this?
> Thanks,
> Scott Ritchie

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