Is anyone monitoring Transgaming's changes to the LGPL files?

Mike McCormack mike at
Thu Jan 25 19:37:06 CST 2007

Scott Ritchie wrote:

> The simplest thing to do is for someone to just track the code they
> release and diff it against our own stuff, and note if anything new and
> interesting (eg an implementation of a function) comes up.  Then send in
> a patch if it seems like it could help us too.  But, is anyone doing
> this?

Why bother?

It's really in their best interest to keep current with Wine.

Continually resolving conflicts and fixing the same bugs we've fixed is 
a waste of their time, and monitoring their patches is a waste of our time.

The easiest thing for everybody is for original patch authors to submit 
their patches to wine-patches.  If they don't want to do that, it will 
be harder on them in the long run.


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