Please help me debug wineserver

Dan Kegel dank at
Tue Jan 30 13:03:29 CST 2007

Misha wrote:
> I am new to wine programming but have a fair amount of
> experience with C/C++ programming in general. I have
> recently decided to make the Vector NTI application work
> on Wine, and after overcoming quite a few installation
> difficulties by making an install shell script,

Cool.  Can you file a bug about those problems, and attach the
shell script as a workaround?

> I have run in to a problem that I have traced down to
> wineserver. This problem occurs after repeatedly changing
> folders in the Vector NTI "Open Molecule File" dialog,
> which does not use the standard open file Windows dialog
> (e.g., the "Open Shortcut" dialog in the same program works
> fine). Wineserver crashes with the following error message:
> wineserver: object.c:274: release_object: Assertion `obj->refcount' failed.

You also have a bug opened for this,
I see you also have a possible workaround there.

> On looking at the output of WINEDEBUG=+server, it seems
> that the "Vector NTI" thread is woken up, and then receives
> a USER_APC, at which time this crash occurs.

What version of Wine?  There were recent changes in APC handling
in wine-0.9.30 (and perhaps 0.9.29) that may have broken this.
If you can verify that this worked ok in earlier versions like 0.9.27,
that would help.  Alexandre is the expert on this.  He's on
vacation but he'll want to take a look when he gets back.
- Dan

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