Ubuntu starting to support windows autorun.inf on cd-rom insertion!

leszek leszek.hanusz at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 16:21:32 CDT 2007


Thanks for your constructives criticisms.

I was thinking more about putting the wine path in a gconf key so that
you can specify it directly.
Trying to search the path using the methods you described can be used
then as a fallback when the key is not present or invalid.

> I would say that please have a look at wine module code in guidance.
> for checking whether wine has been installed or not.
> and to get its path.

What is "wine module code" ?
I tried grepping the wine source code for cedega and cxoffice but found nothing.
Please point me in the good direction.

Hanusz Leszek

Le mardi 03 juillet 2007 à 12:54 -0400, Vijay Kiran Kamuju a écrit :
> Hi,
> I agree with stefan's views.
> We should not hard code the wine path, but should search for it.
> If it fails only then only we should resort to it.
> The searching should be done first using the package managers like rpm,deb.
> Inorder to search for wine path by searching for standard app
> installations like wine,cxoffice,cedega in this order)
> If it fails then it should search for it using the 'which wine' ouptut.
> If that too fails we should use hardcoded paths. (as last resort).
> Thanks,
> VJ

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