CreateJobObject (kernel32) and friends

Robert Shearman rob at
Wed Jul 4 05:39:10 CDT 2007

Donald Gordon wrote:
> Hi
> I'm trying to get Visual C++'s vcbuild (builds project files from the
> command line) running under Wine, but it seems to need CreateJobObject
> (and I'm guessing the other job object functions), which doesn't appear
> to be implemented yet.

Correct. Can you not use nmake or does vcbuild do something different?

> Is implementing this something that would be doable by someone new to
> the Wine code?  Or does someone have most of an implementation of this
> lying around uncommitted already?

This is the first program that I know of to use this function. 
Implementing it properly would be difficult, but it might be sufficient 
just to stub out the functions. A stub is just a function that prints a 
FIXME and returns a value that satisfies the calling code.

Rob Shearman

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