[PATCH] WINSPOOL.DRV: Choose first printer found as the default

Detlef Riekenberg wine.dev at web.de
Wed Jul 4 16:05:58 CDT 2007

On Mi, 2007-07-04 at 00:00 -0300, Pedro Araujo Chaves Jr. wrote:

> 1. The patch only sets a printer as the default if CUPS doesn't define
> one itself;

Sorry, I misinterpreted the Patch because of the subject.

I'm fine with your Patch, when you fix your typo:

> +    if (hadprinter & !haddefault)
> +        WINSPOOL_SetDefaultPrinter(dests[0].name, dests[i].name, TRUE);

With greetings from Copy and Paste: [i]  =>  [0]

For the subject, I suggest to include "Fallback":
winspool.drv: Fallback to the first found printer as default printer


By by ... Detlef

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