CreateJobObject (kernel32) and friends

Donald Gordon don at
Wed Jul 4 17:00:02 CDT 2007

Dan Kegel wrote:
> don wrote:
>> I'm trying to get Visual C++'s vcbuild (builds
>> project files from the command line) running
>> under Wine, but it seems to need CreateJobObject
> Which version of Visual C++ is this?
2005 "express".  The error messages I get are:

Creating command line "cl.exe
@z:\home\donald\x\Release\RSP0000063239.rsp /nologo /errorReport:queue"
fixme:sync:CreateJobObjectW (nil) (null)
Project : error PRJ0014 : The job object used to control the spawned
processes has failed.  The build cannot continue.
Build log was saved at "file://z:\home\donald\x\Release\BuildLog.htm"


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