CreateJobObject (kernel32) and friends

Donald Gordon don at
Wed Jul 4 17:29:19 CDT 2007

Dan Kegel wrote:
> On 7/4/07, Donald Gordon <don at> wrote:
>> >> I'm trying to get Visual C++'s vcbuild (builds
>> >> project files from the command line) running
>> >> under Wine, but it seems to need CreateJobObject
>> 2005 "express".  The error messages I get are:
>> ...
>> fixme:sync:CreateJobObjectW (nil) (null)
>> Project : error PRJ0014 : The job object used to control the spawned
>> processes has failed.  The build cannot continue.
> Gee, how'd you get 2005 express to install?
Er.  Kind of stole the installed directory off my windows box, then used
winetricks to install msxml3 and vcrun2005 (and Mono, but I'm not sure
if that was actually needed).  This may count as cheating, but I don't
have any need to run the GUI side of things on the linux box, so if I
can get the command line tools to run I'm happy.


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