CreateJobObject (kernel32) and friends

Donald Gordon don at
Wed Jul 4 17:40:47 CDT 2007

Robert Shearman wrote:
> Donald Gordon wrote:
>> Hi
>> I'm trying to get Visual C++'s vcbuild (builds project files from the
>> command line) running under Wine, but it seems to need CreateJobObject
>> (and I'm guessing the other job object functions), which doesn't appear
>> to be implemented yet.
> Correct. Can you not use nmake or does vcbuild do something different?
Alas, vcbuild builds Visual C++ projects (.vcproj, .sln).  There used to
be a tool (accessible only via the VS GUI) to convert these to
makefiles, but it's gone away as of VS2005.  These project files are
autogenerated so I can't just do a one-shot conversion via the GUI
anyway :-(
> This is the first program that I know of to use this function.
> Implementing it properly would be difficult, but it might be
> sufficient just to stub out the functions. A stub is just a function
> that prints a FIXME and returns a value that satisfies the calling code.
I'm guessing a stub may be sufficient, but the current stub (prints
FIXME, returns 0) doesn't seem to be working well enough.  Job objects
seem to allow you to associate one or more processes with a Job, query
if the process is part of the job, and return some information about
those processes (including if they've terminated or not), and I don't
know how much of that VC++ needs.  Most of these functions seem to be
just defined with an "@ stub" in spec files -- is there some way to find
out which ones are being called?



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