Direct3D Game test framework

martin pilka mpilka at
Thu Jul 5 08:42:11 CDT 2007


on YAWT homepage, I read:
"YAWT can be used either standalone, or as part of the automated
regression test suite for Wine"

You mean, it can generate result emails which can be parsed by CxTest server?
Or how does it work?


Dan Kegel wrote:
> Vit Hrachovy wrote:
>> Stefan Dösinger wrote:
>> > [Any suggestions for a good app test framework?]
>> I'm personally using AutoHotkey( as an
>> automatic testing framework backend. It's a Windows application, so it
>> can be run through Wine itself and it's sandboxed from X11.
> I second Vit's recommendation.  We're using Autohotkey
> scripts in our test framework
> and I've been meaning to work with Vit to get his scripts
> incorporated into our framework.  (We've been distracted
> getting the next release of Picasa out, sorry.)
> - Dan

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