Rude hack fixes Run Time Error 445:Object Doesn't Support This Action

David Anderson davea42 at
Sat Jul 7 18:01:30 CDT 2007

The following rudely changed function:

static HRESULT WINAPI WebBrowser_put_RegisterAsBrowser(IWebBrowser2 *iface,
        VARIANT_BOOL bRegister)
    WebBrowser *This = WEBBROWSER_THIS(iface);
    FIXME("(%p)->(%x)\n", This, bRegister);
    TRACE("dadebug fake return\n"); /* My rude addition. */
    return S_OK;  /* My rude addition */
    return E_NOTIMPL;



works around wine bug  5183.  For me.

The app I use to run the test is a VB app written by a friend (not 

I have no idea what the above function is really supposed to do nor
any idea how to even find out.    I really don't want a web browser
running out of VB anyway :-)

Note that a couple years ago the app in question worked. But stopped with
    Run-time error "445":Object doesn't support this action (oleaut32)
at some point.

If anyone could make a suggestion of something *meaningful* I
could do about this that would be great.
What if the above simply returned S_OK with a FIXME instead
of E_NOTIMPL???  Would that be an acceptable hack for the official

David Anderson

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