Mapping of access rights (advapi32/service)

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Mon Jul 9 07:21:34 CDT 2007

Paul Vriens wrote:
> Hi,
> While adding some more tests I've found that we lack mapping between 
> some generic access rights and specific service access rights.
> An example is GENERIC_ALL that should map to SC_MANAGER_ALL_ACCESS. 
> Should this mapping be done in advapi32/service.c? Would it be OK to 
All mappings like that are performed in the server. But since these handles 
are maintained in the advapi then they should be mapped there as well.

> create a specific function that does this mapping/translation? The 
> functions makes senses as we have several functions that need this mapping.
You can use RtlMapGenericMask() for this. Or just create a function like 
what server has.


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