Call for win16 tests

Markus Amsler markus.amsler at
Mon Jul 9 19:46:27 CDT 2007

Dan Kegel wrote:
> As Andreas Mohr pointed out a while back,
> we really need a win16 test suite to make sure our
> win16 support doesn't rot.  As far as I know, nobody's
> managed to get win16 tests into the tree, presumably
> because the build process or maybe stdio for win16
> tests hasn't been figured out.
> So I've asked intern Jennifer Lai to try to merge all the win16
> tests people have posted over the years together,
> and demonstrate how to build them using openwatcom.
> I've only found three submitted 16 bit tests so far:
We have to distinguish between win16 and dos tests. dos functions are 
called with interrupts, win16 with linked functions (please correct me 
if I'm wrong). IMO it should be possible to run them with make test like 
any other test. And if openwatcom/turbo c is available it should be 
possilbe to run make crosstest to build win16/dos binaries.

For dos I had a test (I think I really have lost it) which compiled on 
linux with gcc and in dos6.2 with turbo C. In linux/wine it emulated an 
interrupt with DOSVM_EmulateInterruptPM, and in dos it used real 
interrupts. I'm not sure whether this approach would be acceptable, but 
I was able to run make test and build dos binaries from the same sources.

For win16 I have no idea what thunking/linking voodoo is required.

Its perhaps also noteworthy that wines win16 implementation differs 
fundamentally from the windows one. Wine calls win32 functions, while 
windows calls dos functions (directly or via vdm).


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