Call for win16 tests

Dan Kegel dank06 at
Mon Jul 9 20:11:51 CDT 2007

On 7/9/07, Markus Amsler <markus.amsler at> wrote:
> We have to distinguish between win16 and dos tests.

Absolutely. dos .com executables currently don't work,
but win16 .exe's with the same contents do work.

I plan to test DOS .com files using very simple pure assembly.
(That was the real way to write DOS programs anyway :-)

> IMO it should be possible to run them with make test like
> any other test. And if openwatcom/turbo c is available it should be
> possilbe to run make crosstest to build win16/dos binaries.
> For dos I had a test (I think I really have lost it) which compiled on
> linux with gcc and in dos6.2 with turbo C. In linux/wine it emulated an
> interrupt with DOSVM_EmulateInterruptPM, and in dos it used real
> interrupts. I'm not sure whether this approach would be acceptable, but
> I was able to run make test and build dos binaries from the same sources.

Sounds like too much magic for me.  I would rather simply
require openwatcom; it's free software.

> For win16 I have no idea what thunking/linking voodoo is required.

No voodoo required; openwatcom Just Works.

> Its perhaps also noteworthy that wines win16 implementation differs
> fundamentally from the windows one. Wine calls win32 functions, while
> windows calls dos functions (directly or via vdm).

Shouldn't affect our tests, though, should it?
- Dan

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